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End Your Exporting Nightmares

What is the meanest, toughest, most tedious job in exporting???

If you answered "filling out the forms" you would be in agreement with over 90% of all exporters.

If only there were a way to make filling out all those forms easy, fun and bullet-proof.

"Your program has made creating export documents much quicker and easier…" David, NJ

If only there were a way to eliminate the repetitive, boring, monotonous typing and retyping time after time after time of all the same information, Name, Address, Contact, EIN number. Then you have to type Customer name, address and license number over and over again every time they order. (And aren't those overseas addresses doosies?) And then you have to type all of those product descriptions and HS numbers over and over again. (How many times do you type - "Left-handed widgets HS# 1234.56.7890?")

"Thanks. It's about time someone made things easier…"
DP, Gurnee IL.

If only there were a way to correct all the errors and typos on a document without white-outs or retyping over and over again.

"Thank You. These forms have made my life so much easier…" MD, Fresno CA

If only there were a way to make those last-minute additions and deletions to export orders without missing the shipping deadline.

If only there were a program that didn't cost enough to eat up the whole export management budget for the next ten years.

If only there were a program that gives you credit for knowing your business, and doesn't try to teach you "Exporting 101" every time you need to export something, and try to do everything for you except pour your coffee.


"Forms are very user friendly…" Frank Marchesini, NY

Now you can harness the immense power of Microsoft Excel® to create export documents and utilize all of the features in Excel® to edit, copy, save and print your forms. Now you can use the power of Microsoft Excel® to take advantage of the skills and knowledge you have built in exporting to just create forms, nothing more. Now you can point and click your way to perfect documents every time in Microsoft Excel®!!

And best of all, You can pay for it with the money you would have spent on your next order of blank forms!!

Now you can create, edit, save, and print on your office printer (Inkjet, Laser, or even Dot-Matrix) all of these forms:
  • Canada Customs Invoice and Continuation Sheet
  • Shippers Export Declaration
  • NAFTA Certificate of Origin, English and Spanish
  • US Certificate of Origin, with and without Chamber of Commerce endorsement
  • Commercial Invoice, English and Spanish
  • Bill of Lading
  • Packing List
  • Mexican Labels
"Your software saved us a great deal of time and cost…"
FM, New Lebanon NY

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And more. Get free bonus files that help you determine how many copies of each you need and what to do with them, NAFTA instructions, INCO terms, SED instructions and general tips and tricks for best results in using the program.

You can order the correct program tailored to your specific exporting activities, World-wide, Mexican, or Combination.


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